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UPDATED 4th November 2013

HOME DEMO CD: Just a quick update to say that the Demo CD sales are going well, if anybody who has bought one would like to add their comments about it to the Chatboard it would be wonderful to have some feedback.

JK FACEBOOK: It was brought to my attention that the JK Facebook link was not working, I informed Dave Mead who is kind enough to run this for me and he has now corrected the link, so please go to the links section of this site and try it out.

Well momentous news at last, after six years of promising the release of an album of new material from Jonathan, it’s finally about to happen. On November 1st The First Jonathan Kelly album of new material in nearly 40 years will be released. I know it has been eagerly anticipated by all those who have kept in regular contact with me. I can hear you thinking, "is it any good? can he still write great songs?" well, that’s not for me to say, that’s for people to decide for themselves, I know what I think, if I didn’t think it was any good I would have not have spent so much time trying to convince Jonathan to allow me to release them.

Jonathan has agreed to their release on the condition that I stress that these are home demo recordings, made on a small portable home studio machine and at his friends small home studio, they are not polished studio recordings, they are raw. Some of the recordings are more polished than others, some feature family and friends on various instruments and backing vocals, some tracks contain drums and electric guitars, others just Jonathan on his own with his guitar or his piano.

A few years ago I approached my good friend Barry Cooper who lives and runs a shop in Cornwall. Barry is a professional musician who releases his own CD’s, Oh and he’s also a pirate, Yep! one of those that swing from the rigging cutlass in his mouth. It was Barry who helped me discover Jonathan whereabouts after years of searching. I asked Barry if he could add some background music to a few of the tracks that I felt might benefit from being just a little more polished. Jonathan likes to work with a live band and resisted the idea of anyone adding music to his creations but after hearing what Barry had done asked me to include a few on this album, so I have, tracks such as ‘I've been down that road your on’ & ‘Eileen’ both songs were favorites on Jonathan’s last tour.

The music on the album ranges from Rock, to blues to ballad with some funky stuff as well and all of which comprise those wonderful Jonathan Kelly lyrics, proving he can be just as sharp and cutting after all these years. Jonathan was always famous for the honesty in his music and these songs are about his life and experiences, subjects that are dear to his heart, songs such as ‘I wanted to be’, ‘You can’t live on dreams’ and the final song on the album simply called ‘Thank You’.

If you are expecting to hear ‘Twice Around The Houses volume two’ you are going to be disappointed, but if you are hoping to hear some great songs from a vastly underrated songwriter then I think you’ll enjoy this album. I have tried over the years to get Jonathan a fraction of the recognition that I feel he deserves, my efforts have been repelled by the music press as a whole, only a few DJ’s and journalists have ever supported me and I’m grateful to them. My fear is that true appreciation of Jonathan’s place in the history of modern music will come too late. I know Jonathan would not seek recognition and would actively stop me trying to find any for him, but I shall continue to push for that recognition as long as I have breath. I don’t expect this album will make any difference to anyone in the media who refuse to play his music, it’s not intended to, instead it’s a gift from Jonathan to all those who have supported him and expressed continued interest in his music. It’s not the polished album we had all hoped for and I’m sure that like myself listening to some tracks you will think, Oh if only that track was in a proper studio, with a band, orchestra etc, but I have done my best to make the best selection from the Demos available to me and to present them as best I can. As for what opinion will be on this new music? well that’s over to you. I look forward to hearing any comments, either favorable or critical. Just remember. These are raw Demos.

Jonathan has asked that I release the album as cheaply as possible as he does not feel people should pay the same price for an album of Demo tracks as they would for a fully polished studio album. The album itself will be pressed by myself onto high quality Sony audio CD's in limited quantities, the initial run being 100 copies. I have asked some DJ’s to play samples on their shows and I’ll be sending out details via the JK newsletter, so keep a check on your inbox and if you have not yet signed up to the JK newsletter I suggest you do so ASAP.

So from Jonathan & Myself to you, we hope you enjoy the songs.

Kindest Regards. Gerald Sables October 2013


Updated 28th May 2010

Hello Everybody, Ok, let's get on the with the news and before I go any further the question I am always asked and one I know which is dear to all our hearts is "When is Jonathan doing another gig?" I'm afraid that in spite of pleadings from several people Jonathan seems even firmer in his resolve not to gig again, I know this causes hurt and upset and I include myself in this, I get emails and letters on almost a daily basis, but all I can do is to try to persuade Jonathan to let us have at least one more gig if only so that we can part company properly, but even my arguments have failed to budge his resolve. I promised him I will never badger him on this or any other subject and I won't, but I will continue to plead the case for at least one more concert. Although I don't fully understand Jonathan's reasoning I will try to put his point over as best I can. As you are probably aware Jonathan is a committed Jehovah's Witness, it is a faith and cause to which he dedicates much of his time and he has just started a new Bible class. He feels that this is the are to which he should devote all his efforts and that his music career is a distraction away from this. Although I'm not certain, I also get the feeling that to him, the music business is like a drug, it's addictive and it pulls him in a direction in which he no longer wishes to go and it also raises within him feelings and emotions he would rather not remember. Although to many this might seem strange, it should be remembered that Jonathan is very creative, creativity in music or any form of art is very emotional, it is not just something you do, but something that you are, it's a part of you. Jonathan cannot just write or perform, to him it is a deeply personal experience and I get the impression that it is not always an experience he enjoys for it comes with some feelings and emotions that are uncomfortable. So where does that leave me? Well first and foremost I consider myself Jonathan's friend, I am his agent and manager second. I am in the middle between him and his fans, I have a duty to them, but although I will do my utmost to put their thoughts and feelings to him, I will not try to make him feel uncomfortable or do something that he does not wish to do or would hurt him in anyway, nobody would wish to hurt a friend, so like all good friends, I may not always understand, but I do accept. If I had my wish it would be for Jonathan to do one gig a year, if this is not possible then I would urge him to do one last special concert, so people can see him perform one last time, shake hands and go our separate ways.

VIDEOS I have decided to update the MEDIA page on the JK website and add links to videos of Jonathan which are available on Youtube collecting as many as I could find and putting them in one place. I have also added videos of cover versions of Jonathan's songs as well as other JK related videos, so do have a look and let me know if you find any more that I should add.

NEW JK Videos on YOUTUBE. Through the JK website, gigs etc; I have been lucky enough to make some very special friends, one of these is Dave Mead who some of you will know as he was at most of Jonathan's gigs. Dave has had a bit of a traumatic time lately with Neighbour problems and a house move that quickly became a nightmare etc. Dave had to move into a friend's cottage miles from his home, but which was not to far from Jonathan's home. Dave contacted me and said he would love to meet up with Jonathan but didn't think he would agree. I contacted Jonathan, told him the story and reminded him who Dave was and said I thought it would help cheer him up as he could do with some good news. Jonathan agreed, numbers were exchanged and Dave went over to spend the day with Jonathan at his home with a meal cooked by Jonathan thrown in, well that was the plan but I understand Jonathan's son Greg ended up cooking it. I had informed Dave that Jonathan had emailed me to say he often spent the afternoon singing Beatles songs to the seals off the coast near his home, apparently they prefer the rocky numbers! Dave said he would love to see this, so Jonathan put his coat on and off they went. Later they returned to Jonathan's home and Greg was there, he plugged in his electric guitar and they had a little jam session. I'm pleased to say that Dave was kind enough to capture both the seal singing and the jam session on video via his camera and we have now put these up on Youtube for you to see, nobody is suggesting it's vintage Jonathan, but it's well worth a watch and the jam session has some great guitar work from Jonathan's son Greg, so have a look and let me know if you enjoy it and at least it proves he's still around and playing guitar if only for his own amusement these days.

Seal Singing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_yCLuL8VvQ

Jam Session 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFVj3sMNZmE

Jam Session 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieRPK-tYZBU

JK FACEBOOK Page Now although I'm known as being pretty handy with computers I must admit that some of the crazes that have come along over the past few years have passed me by, such as Facebook & Twitter etc. Well Dave Mead who took the videos above asked me about a Jonathan Kelly Facebook page, I informed him that I didn't know much about it, not did have have the time to do it, but said he if wanted to have a bash, I would support him in every way that I could and would be grateful for his help, so he has started work on a wonderful Facebook Page for Jonathan and it includes lots of videos for you to watch, all in one convenient place, the site will be building over time, so please visit and drop Dave a line with any comments you have, things you would like to see etc, and I'm sure he'll do his best to to meet your requests. As a personal note from me "Well done Dave and a really big vote of thanks for all your help!" http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jonathan-Kelly/107738422589121?ref=ts&v=desc

BBC Recordings In any spare time that I have I'm constantly trying to track down any surviving video/film or audio of Jonathan and on the whole it's a soul destroying effort, especially on the video/film front where I constantly come up against a brick wall. However I have for some time known that a couple of audio broadcasts of Jonathan were said to survive in the BBC archives. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely man called Mark Ferguson, who is a researcher for the BBC and he has helped me search the archives and obtain copies of both of these surviving JK performances for which both Jonathan & myself would like to express our gratitude. The first performance was an In Concert performance on which Jonathan shared the bill with Julie Felix, this show is interesting in that it comes from around the time of Twice Around The Houses and features Jonathan with a session band. It's also interesting because it features performances of songs that Jonathan never recorded in the studio, such as 'Dedications To Mary Unlimited' & 'The Old Day Maker' strangely for an important radio performance at the time, Jonathan didn't perform 'The Ballad Of Cursed Anna'. The performance last roughly 30 minutes and it's a very important addition to the JK archive. The second performance is again a half hour concert, but this time by Jonathan Kelly's Outside, this is the only professional quality recording of 'Outside' live that is known to exist and unfortunately it does not feature Kuma Harada who was ill at the time, however it's a nice set with some fine guitar work by Snowy White. At present there are no plans to do anything with these recordings, but it does of course leave open the possibility that at some time it may be possible to make a Jonathan Kelly at the BBC release featuring these two concerts, however I have not even got as far as discussing this with Jonathan so I'm not sure what his feelings on this subject might be.

New Photos found I was contacted a while ago by Colin Hirst, Colin had been a regular at the same folk club that I used to attend, the legendary Bay Horse Folk Club at Bentley near Doncaster. Colin was kind enough to send me a couple of photos taken at the Bay Horse, one featuring his own band "The John Carey Group" and the other featuring Jonathan. I'm not sure how many people took cameras to folk clubs in those days but this is the first photo I have seen taken at that club in those early days of the 1970's. We think that these photos were taken in 1972, It would be around the time that I first met Jon. Both photos can be seen at the bottom of the 'Archive Photos' page

New Music Video I was also contacted recently by Steve Kelly who asked if Jonathan would mind if he tried to produce a video for "The Ballad Of Cursed Anna" I asked Jonathan who said he was pleased that Steve had been kind enough to think of him and that he he wanted to have a go then it was fine by him. So Steve set to work and you can see the result on Youtube or use this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFHM5msfP9o Please drop Steve a message to et him know what you think.

Looking around YouTube as I often do, I came across a few covers of Jonathan's songs, Cursed Anna being the one that seems most popular. Below are a few links if you fancy a watch, there are some very nice versions.

Ballad Of Cursed Anna: 1. Firstly a very nice version performed by Paul Downes at the Clennell Hall Folk Festival in 2008 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv65nENd_RA

2. Here's another by Electric Ragtime: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpYHtotFEyo


3. Craig Papworth performing a nice version of this JK classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9McyR9jvQ3E


4.GA performs this song in a nicely made video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdZ0tvGB3-Q


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5. GA again with another nice rendition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR6n1_z7hVM

It's nice to know that Jon's music is still alive and being playing, If you know of any other cover versions of Jon's songs on Youtube, please let me know and I'll happily add them to the list so that people can view them.

LEXI: It was brought to my attention by Dave Mead on his recent visit to Jonathan, that Jonathan's wife Lexi has been unwell, although I'm not sure what ails her, I'm sure you would wish to join with me in wishing her a very speedy recovery and restoration to full health, after all...Jonathan needs his grub, he's a growing lad you know. Get well soon Lexi!

Well that's all folks, I'm sure people will have contacted me who I have promised to include things and I have forgotten to do so, so if you are one of those people please get in touch and jog my memory, things have been so hectic lately that I seem to have a memory like a sieve. I'm always open to suggestions regarding the website and of course I'm constantly looking for JK related items especially any film or video of which none has surfaced so far, so if you can help in anyway drop me an email. Till next time keep listening. All the best Gerald, Rosy & Frazzle!


Hello Everybody, Well here it is, the long awaited Site Update, I don't think I have ever gone for so long between updates. The main reason is my health, due to various periods of ill health, hospital visits, tests etc, it's been difficult to find time for anything, nor the will sometimes and of course as Jonathan isn't gigging there isn't that much happening to write about. I was going to get a newsletter out about two months ago, but I have held off because I was awaiting some special news, so here it is. Jonathan has an award!

Aylesbury Friar’s Heroes Award

JK Friars Award02

Photograph Courtesy of Greg Ledingham

Through my reseach and dealings with Jonathan I come into contact with lots of people and one who I get on well with is mike o'connor, who runs the Aylesbury Friars website. This famous venue is fondly remembered by all those who used to go to gigs there, over the past few years a website has been launched to commemorate it and on the back of the success of this site the venue has been resurected with lots of old artist coming back for a series of gigs. Through the website is was decided to commemorate some very special artists who made the most impression on the punters, one of these was Jonathan, who played the venue several times, both Solo and with Outside.

As a result of this Jonathan was to be given a Special Friars Heroes Award, just one problem, most of the other artists received theirs at the venue, but Jonathan didn't have the time to spare from his hectic scedual of work in the community, so it was decided that the Awrd would be sent to him instead. As paet of the award, Mike always undertakes an interview, due to Jonathan's hectic life getting this arranged wasn't easy, but with a little promting it all got sorted, however Jonathan wanted to check what he had said and they also needed to get some photos of Jonathan with the award to put on the site. This took quite a bit of time and last week I jokingly wrote to Jonathan saying, either he sent the returned checked interview and some photos ASAP or I was going to arrange a gig without telling him, Once he had finished quaking in his boots and been revived with the old smelling salts, he got his son Greg to take some photos, popped everything into the post and in spite of the Royal Mail strikes, Mike recived them a couple of days ago. He wrote to me this morning to say he had now posted them on the Friars website.

There is a page dedicated to Jonathan and his award, which includes a recent photo with the award, some great old posters from the Friars and of course the interview, which I urge you to read because I think it's good one. Here is the link:


Here is Jonathan's Friars Heroes Page:


I think many of you will agree with me, that it's wonderful that Jonathan at last has an award, It's about time somebody recognised his contribution to music, he has been overlooked for far too long. Well done Jonathan!

Hello Everybody, Well as it's about four months since the last site update I decided it was time I got my finger out, I can remember a time when the site was updated once a fortnight. Well firstly I suppose I wish to apologise for the delay, as some of you will know this has been due to my health problems, I simply haven't been well enough to do it.

Well you are no doubt eager to know if there is any news and I am constantly being asked "Is he going to do a gig this year?" well the answer is "Not as far as I know!" although of course like everybody else I would love to see Jonathan onstage again and I hope I haven't seen him perform in public for the last time. I haven't spoken to Jonathan much over the past few months as I have been too unwell to ring him, however he did tell me that he had come up with an idea regarding the long touted new album, he didn't say what it was, but as far as I understand it, the idea is still for him to record it at home as a solo acoustic effort and then give it a limited release to fans through the website at a reduced fee, I know that many people feel they would prefer a studio based album, but costs/time etc are all things Jonathan doesn't feel he can afford.

Anyway here is the news.

Jak Kilby A few weeks ago I was contacted out of the blue by Jak Kilby, Jak is a renowned professional photographer who worked with Jonathan around the time of Jonathan's last two albums which Jak submitted photography for, he has also worked with many famous musicians including John Lennon and Cat Stevens, Jak said that he noticed some of his photographs on the JK site and he would normally ask for a commission fee but that he thought so highly of Jonathan that he would not only be happy to let me continue to use his images, but he would also try to locate the original negatives and send me some better quality scans plus many images that we presently don't have, in return I have promised to add a byline for Jak to any images he recognises on the site as his. Several emails have passed between us and Jak's a great guy who shared his reminiscences with me.

Aylesbury Friars I was also contacted again by Mike OcConnor of the Aylesbury Friars Website, this excellent website just gets better and better, he has been going through the owners archives and has found a load more memorabilia, with some of it relating to Jonathan, such as rare posters, ticket stubs, reviews etc, he has let me use some of these for the JK website and you can see them at the bottom of the Archive section of the JK website. Mike also tells me that a photographer who photographed many of the bands at the Friars including Jonathan has come forward to say he still has many of these photos and it is hoped that there are some rare images of Jonathan at the Friars, if these images do surface I hope that I will be allowed to feature some of them on this site. Mike is hoping to be able to do an interview with Jonathan in the near future and there might be a surprise in store you never know!

New Additions to the JK Archive. Since I last updated the website there has been a couple of additions to the Archive, firstly another JK 8 track has surfaced, this time for the album "Wait Till They Change The Backdrop" curiously to fit the album onto the 8 track they have chopped the song "Beautiful Eyes " into two halves. It does make me wonder if 8 tracks were produced for any of Jonathan's other albums? if anyone knows of any I would to hear from them. I have also managed to purchase an Acetate test pressing for the Jonathan Kelly Single "Denver" sometimes these test pressings can feature totally different versions of songs, but unfortunately in this case it seems to be the same as the official release, however it is a rare item and I'm pleased to have obtained it for the JK archive.

Song Tabs That Lovely man David Coxell has been busy again and if you can play guitar (I can't and it flippin' annoys me) then there is some exciting news, David has recently supplied some more guitar tabs, this time for the following songs, 'I USED TO KNOW YOU' 'HYDE PARK ANGELS' 'RAINY TOWN' ' LEAVE THEM GO' 'WE ARE THE PEOPLE' & 'ALL RIGHT TILL THEN' they are available to download now as PDF files from the download section of this site, even though I can't make use of these guitar tabs because as I say I can't play, I want to say how grateful I am to David for not only his hard work but also for sharing these with other JK fans who I know will really appreciate his efforts, if you do, then please drop him a line and tell him so and then he might do some more for you, you never know, but I for one certainly appreciate his efforts!

Lastly, yesterday fellow JK fan and great friend Dave Mead called in on route from his home in Oxfordshire to Newcastle where he is working for the next week, Dave is a truly wonderful friend who I met through setting up the JK website, he has been to visit me several times as well as attending two parties I held and he has attended many JK gigs over the past few years. so when people ask why I continue to do this site and what do I get out of it, I'll just say "because of people Like Dave Mead, Dave and many other people have become close personal friends who I would never have met had it not been for Jonathan, oh and talking of great friends, some of you may have noticed that I left a message asking about Frank Weston on the message board, I'm pleased to say that Frank has been in touch and he's ok, but up to his neck in work and stuff, I wish I was, we haven't had any since December, so if you know of anybody needing a cartoonist/photographer, let us know.

Before I close can I just say that I hope this year turns out to be a good one for you and that the recession doesn't hit you too hard, I know it'll be a difficult time for many of us, with worries about our jobs mortgages etc, but just remember what Charlie Chaplin once said when he was living in the gutters of London "Just when you think things can't get any worse....they inevitably do!" but for all our sakes I hope he's wrong.

Keep watching this space All the best


Dave Mead Visit02

From Left To Right, Dave Mead, Yours Truly & My Mother Doris Sables who was the reason for the Charity concert

Hello folks! Well firstly apologies for being so long in updating the site, I didn't intend such a great length of time between newsletters, but there are several reasons for this, firstly there has been no real news and secondly I have been ill again, as many of you may know I don't have great health these days, well I never have for most of my life I suppose, but as my grandmother would say "There are many worse off than us.... even if they are in the cemetery!" I managed to pick up a nasty stomach bug and we went away on holiday in Northumberland which I had been looking forward to for months, unfortunately it was ruined and I had a miserable time, oh well, lets get on with the JK news.

The Future

A few weeks ago, Jonathan phoned me and it's the first time we have spoken in quite a while, as always it was a mixture of serious stuff and laughter, always plenty of laughter, we both try to be serious but we can't last for too long. Jonathan rang me because he wanted to discuss several things regarding the future, during an hours conversation we discussed his thoughts and feelings regarding his life inside & outside music, for most people there would be no conflict but Jonathan has always felt that there is and as some of you know as a result of this he decided to retire totally from the music scene a couple of years ago after a gig at Biddulph, I managed to persuade him otherwise that time, but this time I have told him that should he decide that music interferes too much with his ministry, then I will not try to persuade him against his beliefs and that I will support him in whatever he does, whatever happens I have been very privileged to share these past few years with him and be a part of his friends and family, I have had some wonderful nights out and met many great friends through him. I have given Jon a few weeks to think things over in the hope that he may be persuaded to do some gigs next year, however although there are offers on the table, Jonathan rang a short while ago to say that he had given the situation his most careful consideration but that he feels he will not be performing anymore concerts, I know many of you will be disappointed, I'll keep my own feelings to myself but if you know me you will be aware how I feel.

At this point you will be not doubt of the opinion that you will never get to see Jonathan perform again, I personally hope this wont be the case, and I hope there will be more gigs, but as things stand at this moment Jonathan is of the opinion that both his ministry and his health must take priority and that he doesn't feel he has the health or the time for anything else. I can't help but wonder if by tracking him down several years ago and persuading him to take up the stage again, if I have actually done more harm than good, would Jon have been much happier if I had just left him alone, have I caused conflicts of interest that he has wrestled his conscience over? Certainly I have tried never to force him into anything against his will and I have only ever tried to encourage and support him and I will not change that policy and try to force him by use of pressure into performing against his will. Like all greatly talented personalities he is a complicated person and as such not always easy to understand his thinking, he is sensitive, he's kind and I'm sure he would agree...quite obstinate when he wants to be, he's also a great friend and I have loved my role as his agent and manager, there was never a contract between us, not even as much as a handshake, just trust, I will miss it, more than I intend to let him know, it has been a privilege, not just to work with him, but to meet so many lovely people at his gigs, what memories I have.

The Album

Whilst I was away on Holiday Dave Sheen phoned me, (Dave was Jonathan's drummer) As I have been unwell I have not yet had chance to speak to him, but Jonathan informed me that Dave was keen to work with him as was Kuma Harada (Jonathan's Bass Player Outside etc.) Kuma has been very ill with a heart complain and is recovering from an operation, I'm sure I speak for everybody when I say we wish him a speedy return to health, other past band members may also be willing to contribute, however Jonathan has also indicated to me that recording an album is very doubtful, I will try to explain his thoughts as best I can.

As many of you will know, Jonathan became a Jehovah Witness back in the 1970's after his music career finished. As part of his beliefs he does do is a great deal of hard work helping people, his faith is the main thing in his life and he is totally dedicated to it, his faith entails him acting as a sort of Social worker, he spends hours travelling around or speaking on the phone helping out people with every worry and trouble you could imagine, often working late into or through the night, it is hard to argue with such dedication or strength of belief. Jonathan feels that his past, the music industry the striving for success is at odds with his beliefs, he finds that his music like his faith takes all his attention, you see what makes him such a good singer songwriter is that he totally immerses himself in his songs, his feelings, moods emotions etc., he dedicates himself to it and it takes him over, he finds that when he working with other musicians or at gigs that this old life comes back, it's persuasive, it's like the love for a woman, it calls to him, it wants to take him away from his faith and put it second in importance to his music, for this reason he feels that if he cannot play, record music etc without it being a distraction, that he must put his faith first and walk away from music. At the same time of course this troubles him greatly because he is also fully aware that this decision will mean hurting friends and perhaps letting people down who have done so much to help him these past few years, I informed him, that I won't feel let down, I will be extremely saddened, but as his friend I will support him as I always have in any decision he decides to make. As I am not a witness myself I am not in the best position to advise or debate his thoughts and feelings with him, but if you are a witness and you disagree with his decision perhaps you might be able to discuss it with him.

Will there be an album at all?

Jonathan has promised me that he will record around 30 songs for release, these will be cut down versions with just guitar & piano, he has said that after he has completed these he would wish me to release them at a special budget price, which will cover costs but that they will be cheap so as to act as a thank you to all those who have shown such support over the years, I can assure you that he reads comments that people leave about him either by e-mail to myself or via the message board on the JK web site and that is is totally knocked out and humbled by peoples comments, people think it's false modesty when he says he cannot believe people remember him or still want to listen to his music, he told me in truth "I cannot start to imagine why anybody would still want to listen to my music..I can't even go there!" It is no exaggeration to say that he feels torn in different directions at present.

"Twice Around The Houses"

I had always believed that Twice Around The Houses album had been mis-pressed, my copy which I purchased at a JK concert in 1972 has "Hyde Park Angels" as the second track on side two instead of "Rainy Town" and the next to last track on side two is "Rainy Town" instead of "Hyde Park Angels" as it says on the sleeve and on the LP label. However after speaking to Jonathan he was very surprised and says his copy plays as it says on the sleeve and he has never heard of the tracks being in the wrong order, so I'm wondering if mine was a mis-press and if so how many escaped before the problem was corrected, so I wonder if you have a copy on the LP (not CD) and would like to have a listen if you could let me know if your copy has the tracks in the order on the sleeve or if it's incorrect as my copy is.

Jonathan In His Own Words

I unfortunately have to act as Jonathan's mouthpiece so you only have my word if what I see he has said, thinks or feels are his words or mine, unless you speak to him yourself of course, so I thought it might be nice to hear him speak for himself. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to conduct a couple of interviews with him on camera, so I have made one of these available on Youtube, in was recorded in his hotel room a couple of hours prior to him going onstage at the famous Charity Concert his first full concert since his retirement in the 70's you can see and hear from himself how he felt about things. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0v_w-7O0MA

New Video Clips

A couple of years ago I was privileged to be invited to the wedding of Jonathan's son Greg to a lovely lady called Lydia, Jonathan performed at the reception along with some friends and relatives. At Gigs I always video Jonathan plus make an audio recording onto mini disc via the mixing desk, but on this occasion I only had a video camera, so great quality audio of the evening does not exist, that's a great shame because there were some memorable moments and here are just a couple for you to enjoy. Firstly Jonathan's interpretation of Johnny B Goode along with backing singers and Jonathan's old mate Eoin on Harmonica: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpUrpNUKuQs The second clip has the same line up, this time performing a really nice version of Peals Of Thunder, if Jonathan ever does get into a studio, the version that would be recorded would be likely to have a backing chorus similar to this version, I hope you enjoy them both, let me know what you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIyL_jl3HAs


I intend to keep the JK web site up and running, it may not get updated very often because there will likely as not, be little news to comment upon, however were there is news I will announce it. The message board will remain for people to exchange their views and I hope that people will keep in touch with me. I think back a few years to the Charity Concert, what a night, what a journey was started when Jonathan stepped onstage again after 30 years, if nothing else I have some great memories. God Bless you all for being part of it and thank you for all the support which has meant so much to us all.



Hello Everyone,

Firstly let me apologise for not updating the JK website for such a long time, but a combination of work and health problems have prevented me from doing so.

Reaction to the New Jk website has been very positive although one of my very good friends preferred it when it had a black background, I wont mention his name as I don't think Frank would like me to, anyway this month as a treat I have made the home page black again.

Well I imagine you are reading this to discover what is the latest news from JK HQ, which by the way is a pokey little room no bigger than a broom cupboard into which I squeeze my ever increasing waistline into each day. Well as many of you know, I managed to track down Jonathan's old drummer Dave Sheen, Dave was Drummer with Outside and played on Jonathan's last two albums. We spoke on the phone and Dave offered to help Jonathan make a new album. In the past couple of weeks I have spoken to Dave again after I had sent him some recent demos Jonathan had made, we had a long chat and Dave informed me that he was still in touch with some other members of Outside and at least one is interested in contributing to a new album. Finance is still a problem but not one that could not be solved of that I feel Certain. Negotiations and arrangements are at a delicate stage, there is much to be discussed and considered and Jonathan is not in great health, so whether the project will take place or not is far from certain, but of course I am hopeful and I'm keeping everything crossed, nobody is making any promises for a new album but of course it would be wonderful if it happened, for whatever reasons, Jonathan's career finished when he still had so much left to contribute to the world of music and I still believe he has it in him to come up with something special.

When I set out to try to track him down many years ago, I never expected or hoped for anymore than I might get to hear him sing me a song if only down a phone line, but He was generous enough to go much further and come out of retirement and perform at the Charity concert for me even though I know he was scared stiff to do so, it takes a great deal of courage to walk onstage after 30 years away and he really was unsure what the reception might be. Today we are great mates and of course many other JK fans are mates with both of us as well and gigs are very much like family get togethers, Jon still suffers from stage fright although you would never guess it and I told him, "Look you have nothing to prove, you already did that years ago, you have no album to sell or promote, so just go out, think of it as a family party and if you relax and treat it like that, the warmth will come though and if you are happy the audience will be, so far it seems to have worked.

When we chat on the phone we have a real laugh and we know each other pretty well by now, we were discussing something to do with this web site the other week and I said "Look if you are unhappy with anything you can always let me know" he replied " You mean if I don't like something I tell you and then when I put the phone down you just ignore me and do it anyway?" and I said "Yep! just like I always do" He laughed his head off. Of course that's not really true that I ignore his objections, well not always, well OK sometimes, well occasionally maybe!

Many of you will have noticed Rene's message of the chat board, she was an old childhood friend of Jonathan's and I'm pleased I was able to put them back in touch, Rene as told me several stories about Jonathan and supplied me with a wonderful old photo. Dave Sheen as also told me some lovely stories, oh the wonderful life of a Rock Star. We were discussing Working Men’s clubs, I mentioned that my local Working Men's Club, "The Cabbage" (real name was the Adwick Allotment Holders Club) Back in 1973 I think it was, they were listed as having Judas Priest play there, now can you imagine that, Dave Sheen said it probably was the same band and he had some wonderful memories of these old clubs, he told me he once played drums in a backing band for a famous Rock & Roll Star, This person had his stage gear on, gold suit, snakeskin boots the lot and the Club Committee Chairman, said Oh Mr So & So, it's wonderful to have you play at our club, oh please come over here, oh can I get you a drink,? do you need anything, anything at all just ask" and then he looked at Dave and the rest of the band and said " And you lot can SOD off over there!" I can believe every word of it.

Every week I get contacted by a least one JK fan who has just discovered the site & recently several of these persons have been from the North East, which reminds me of two recent events, first Kev Keegan leaving Newcastle, just thought I would let you know, I went to school with Kev, St. Peters high School Cantley. I then left to go to Adwick School and there I knew Kev's wife, however I didn't know Kev very well as he was two years above me, but I do remember him at school, I have no idea if he is a JK fan, I doubt it. The second thing is far more important, the Floods. I used to live in Northumberland and I visit every year as I have friends there, I even run a local web site www.bygonecraster.co.uk I was very upset to see many of the places I know and love covered in a few feet of water and as an Ex resident of Toll Bar where the floods happened last year I wish to send everybody effected my deepest sympathy.

Talking of Northumberland, an old JK fan and friend called Jonti has been pestering a friend of his called Ally Lea who is a DJ on Alnwick's Lionheart Radio, and Ally caved in and has been playing some Jk stuff in recent weeks which has been very well received by his listeners, when I get chance I listen into Ally's show on Wednesday nights and try to wind him up, he's a great guy, so if you have a spare Wednesday evening , listen in to Lionheart Radio online: www.lionheartradio.com/

Well it's about time to close this newsletter but Before I go I thought I would tell you about a couple of sites that I came across which might interest you, the first one is called Wolfgang's Vault. This site is based around the Archives of the late Bill Graham, no not Billy Graham, Bill Graham the great rock promoter who was responsible for making bands such as Led Zep world famous by breaking them into the US at one of his venues, most famously the Fillmore East And West. This great site has lots of rock memorabilia, posters etc., but it has something far more interesting and that's hundreds of complete rare concerts which you are free to listen to online, there are rare Hendrix Concerts, Led Zep, you name it and it will probably be there, some concerts are also available to download and buy, I am not affiliated with this site in any way and I'm only telling you about it because I think you might enjoy it, use this link to visit the concert section, more concerts are added each week:


The second site contains rare audio files such as rare blues recordings and also rare TV & film Downloads all free and legal, all these files are ones that have run out of copyright, well so they say, although there are a few that seem to have slipped through the net. The site is called The Internet Archive I can highly recommend it: www.archive.org/index.php You can either download films and audio or listen and watch them online.

Oh I nearlt forgot, I was informed of a great new site dedicated to the famous Aylesbury Friars club where Jonathan played many times, it’s a wonderful web site with loads of interesting stuff and I know from this website just how much work must have gone into it’s design, so pasy a visit and see for yourselves: www.aylesburyfriars.co.uk

As soon as I can let you know anything positive regarding Jonathan and the New album I will, there is also the possibility of a few low key gigs in the Cornwall area with Jonathan and a backing band, but it's only an idea at present, but if and when it happens you'll read it here first, well OK It might be in the newsletter first whichever I get around to.

Lastly I never use this site for self publicity, but with the currant economic crisis things are tough for people and Rosy and myself are no exceptions, Some of you may know that we produce greetings cards, so if you know of anyone who might be interested in any of our services or if you just fancy a look and a bit of a laugh pop along to www.frazzledcat.com

Well as they say in cartoon world "That's All Folks"

Jonathan, Lexi, Rosy, Frazzle & Myself send you lots of love , peace & Goodwill, goodness knows in the present world climate we all need it.

Bye for now Gerald


Welcome to the NEW! Jonathan Kelly website. The old JK Website proved very popular but due to the fact that www.jonathankelly.co.uk pointed to another site hosted at Freeuk.com it meant that many people were unable to access it as their browsers banned them from redirected links. So I decided to get my hand in my pocket and purchase some web space, at the same time I decided that the old site was not only looking a bit dated and tired but also it was starting to sprawl out and get messy, so here we are, a new location and a new site. I hope you will enjoy it, I have added new things and of course I always welcome suggestions that can help improve the site, so if you have any ideas contact me and I’ll do my best.

I’m sure the site will grow and develop as the old one did, I hope that you will enjoy it and keep visiting, I wish to give a big vote of thanks to all those who helped and supported me with this site and hope that they and others will continue to do so. I’ll update it as often as I can with all the latest news regarding Jonathan.

All the best

Love & Peace

Gerald Sables

This site is the copyright of Gerald Sables and nothing may be used or copied in whole or part without permission

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